Estonia’s first smart harbor

We are excited to announce an update to Westmer Marina! Starting from the 2024 season, all seasonal customers and marine tourists can enjoy seamless access to the gates, showers and sauna using their smartphones.

Gone are the days when you had to look for your keys or wait for staff to help you. Now that seasonal customers have a Rentster account and access to port services, it is possible to open gates and doors through their smartphone. The same applies to sea tourists – if you pay for your stay when you arrive at the port, digital passes will immediately open everywhere.


No need to download additional apps or complicated instructions, just pay and let the magic happen.


Enter Smart harbor from here: https://nutisadam.rentster.ee/en/ 

Read more about Rentster automation here: https://rentster.eu/en/features/automation/


How exactly does the Westmeri Smart harbor work?

  1. If you are a seasonal customer, you will be sent a link through which you can register and pay
  2. If you are a customer of a guest berth, scan the QR code from the berth or select for future booking Smart harbor berth and period
  3. Pay the fee
  4. Sign the terms and conditions
  5. You are ready to go

If you are now approaching the gate or door, how do you enter?

  1. Take your smartphone out of your pocket
  2. Go to Smart harbor
  3. Log in with the same username and password you used during registration
  4. And there are buttons, where you can open doors and gates